Here for you, for all of life’s messes

When your office is a mess, who’s there to help you clean it up?

This happened recently. One of our customers, the director of a local library in the Austin area, called, clearly frazzled and frustrated. On top of a recent ice storm that had cut electricity and closed the library for four days, someone had left a large mess in one of the bathrooms that would require extra time and attention from the franchisee. The franchise owner quickly obliged by cleaning the mess and giving the building a good clean, putting the customer at ease after a stressful week.

As a government building, libraries must adhere to strict health and safety regulations; a large mess in a bathroom or signs of uncleanliness throughout the space can leave a bad impression on the community or be a health hazard to the many people coming and going. Often times, government buildings involve specialized cleaning procedures to meet the unique requirements of these facilities. Jani-King of Austin can rise above and beyond those expectations. Our franchisees provide government buildings such as courthouses, government offices, schools, libraries, and other public facilities with attentive, specialized cleaning services. Our franchisees create a professional and welcoming environment for employees and visitors. Call Jani-King today for a free quote!