New Year Cleaning Services

You never know what will happen in Texas when winter comes! Due to the recent freeze over Christmas, we opened our office to plumbing issues and a flooded kitchen. Luckily, one of our franchisees arrived quickly to help clean up the water and mitigate any further damages to the floor and walls. The moment of panic we felt when we first heard water pouring into the kitchen was instantly replaced by the reassurance of having a reliable cleaning crew for these unexpected occurrences.

We know that, as the year comes to an end and holidays come to a close, we know the work does not stop for you. For some of you, nagging problems with your building have only grown worse due to neglect or poor service. For others, you are simply busy with your business’ needs and have no time to think about cleaning. Or perhaps some unexpected event has left you overwhelmed and worried about the state of your business. Let Jani-King of Austin help with all of your commercial janitorial needs. We will send you into the new year a little calmer, a little happier, and much cleaner!

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