Janitorial Services for Single and Multi-Tenant Buildings

We know you strive to demonstrate the value of cleanliness in your buildings. Your tenants come to expect it, and at Jani-King, we deliver beyond expectations.
Whether you manage a single or a multi-tenant building, it is a serious job and can be quite demanding. However, with 24-hour operations support and measured inspections, you never have to worry. We provide the dedicated and experienced support to handle any janitorial or property cleaning challenge. Rest easy, knowing that you have a superior and cleaner property, from sparkling floors to sanitized restrooms our standards of clean will go never cease to amaze!
Jani-King’s commercial cleaning programs fit the individual needs of each customer and/or tenant. No matter what your needs may be, we assure that Jani-King can deliver a cleaning program that provides consistent, quality cleaning that enhances the value of your buildings.