Our Cleaning Standard for Healthcare Providers – Above and Beyond

At Jani-King of Austin, we have the privilege of serving many healthcare facilities in the Austin area. As anyone who has worked in the healthcare industry knows, these types of facilities – hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and clinics – are heavily scrutinized for cleanliness, and must pass hygiene inspections of their building in order to remain operational.

Recently, one of these facilities that we clean underwent their CMS survey, a patient experience survey that includes a report on the building’s health and safety. This client happily told us that no deficiencies were reported on the cleanliness of their facility, all thanks to the franchise owner who cares for their building. We are always pleased to receive this kind of feedback from healthcare professionals. It is challenging enough to work in the healthcare industry without having to worry about the sanitation of your building, or whether or not you will pass an inspection.

If you are a healthcare worker in Austin, TX, let one of our OSHA and EPA certified franchisees take care of your building! Our franchisees will ensure your business is clean, sanitary, and safe for all patients, staff, and visitors so you can focus on what you do best: taking care of your patients.