24/7 Commercial Cleaning Services

One of the benefits of a using a franchise cleaning service like Jani-King of Austin is the flexibility and availability franchisees offer their customers. Some of our accounts can have unpredictable hours and often need to use their buildings at odd times and on short notice. This happened recently with one of our accounts, a dance studio in the Austin area, when class extended past closing unexpectedly. Normally, our franchisee would be in the studio cleaning by that time, but the customer was able to text the franchisee about the situation. The franchisee quickly responded and waited until later in the evening to clean the studio.

This is one of the many ways Jani-King of Austin franchisees place their customers first. For many businesses, the confidence to easily contact and receive a response from their cleaning company is a priceless asset that an ordinary janitorial crew cannot always provide. Whether it is a small change in the schedule or an emergency that requires immediate attention, Jani-King of Austin’s franchisees are available to assist and serve their customers on a moment’s notice. We are always just one text away!